Honda Admits Their 2017 Engine Concept is ‘very high risk’

Credit: McLaren Media Centre

Honda has admitted that they are taking a “very high risk” with their 2017 engine due to it being completely different to the norm.

The engine manufacturer has struggled to equal the performance and reliability achieved by their rivals, notably Scuderia Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz. So with their desire to improve, coupled with the scrapping of the token development system, they have completely redesigned the power unit. It will feature a change in layout and new architecture, the result of all they’ve learnt over the past two years.

The concept is completely different,” Yusuke Hasegawa, chief of Honda, told Autosport.

It’s very high-risk, we don’t know a lot of things about that new concept.

“We know it will give us a performance advantage but the biggest risk is whether we can realise that potential this year.”

The internal combustion engine is Honda’s main area of focus, but other components are also receiving being revamped as fiddling with one part means tweaking with another.

We need to concentrate on the ICE for this year,” he said. “If we improve the engine itself, which means boosting exhaust gas energy, we need to boost the turbine otherwise we cannot perform at the same level in terms of deployment.

“We still have to do some tests and there will be some trial and error. I hope we have understood the direction and the elements to focus on.

“But it’s not easy to combine the elements to realise the improvements on the ICE completely.”

  • Quiet Storm

    I am pissed at the FIA and Charlie. The trick suspension issue should have been worked out at at the end of last season. Now Ferrari and other teams who say it is not legal are at a disadvantage at the start of the new season. If I were Ferrari I would develop my own at this point. But they will be behind the curve and will not catch up this year. They should sue the FIA and recoup their development costs as this issue was known last year.

  • Quiet Storm

    Uh Oh -Boom! Another unstable Honda Power plant goes up in smoke! They had to toss last year’s POS but if it is as radical as they claim it looks like another “learning year” for the engineering department at Alonso s expense! We will see – Sigh……