Nico Hulkenberg: “My first race weekend with the team will be a milestone”

Credit: Renault Sport Formula 1 Team

Nico Hulkenberg is looking for a positive long term relationship with Renault Sport Formula 1 Team, as he joins them for the 2017 FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

Hulkenberg will be joining the Enstone-based outfit with an impressive racing career that has spanned over seven years, with a pole position in his rookie F1 season and winning the Le Mans in his debut. Last October, Hulkenberg was announced as a driver for Renault, replacing Kevin Magnussen despite him scoring seven more points than 2016 team-mate Jolyon Palmer.

The German is very happy to be part of the long term project with Renault and hopes to add his share to push the team to perform better this season.

“I’m very happy to be part of it,” said Hulkenberg. “There’s a lot of work ahead and we’re both looking for a positive long term relationship.

“For sure 2017 comes after a build-up year in 2016 where there was improvement and crucially growth in many areas for the future. The target is to move forward in the midfield over the season ahead and be in shape to take another step forward in 2018. I am inspired with being part of this and adding my share to push us all to better performances.”

For Hulkenberg he believes having a new team, is like having a new girlfriend, being able to learn from each other and develop together. The Australian Grand Prix will be a big milestone as it will be Hulkenberg’s first Grand Prix with the French manufacturer.

“We’re both growing together and that’s the exciting aspect of this new relationship,” added Hulkenberg. “We’re learning from each other and developing together so this is satisfying.

“My first race weekend with the team will be a milestone, and there’s a lot to learn.  For sure there will be a steep learning curve at the first couple of races. It’s a challenging time to change as the impact of the rule changes is a bit of an unknown, so there’s a learning process there for all too. It’s really difficult to judge where we could be ahead of the season start. Everything I’ve seen so far has been very positive; I’ve had some great dates so far!”