Toro Rosso/Mercedes design similarities ‘complete coincidence’ – Key

by Paul Hensby

James Key has revealed that the similarities between the Scuderia Toro Rosso STR12 and the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team W08 are completely coincidental.

The two cars have very similar concepts for the front suspension, sidepod and nose layout, and Key knows that some will say that Toro Rosso would have copied the Mercedes idea, but Key insists nothing untoward has gone on, and it was just ironic that the two teams went down the same route of development.

Talking at the launch of the STR12 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Technical Director Key actually expressed his disappointment that Mercedes had the same idea, especially when there are a number of different concepts and solutions up and down the paddock.

“On the one hand we were sort of pleased to see someone else has done a similar thing, but on the other we were disappointed that we weren’t the only team to think of something. Let’s see,” said Key. “There’s many different concepts out there, actually. The diversity is very obvious.

“I looked at the Mercedes and went ‘Ah, they’ve got our front suspension.’ Most people would say we’ve got Mercedes’ front suspension.

“The nose is similar, the front of the sidepods is similar, even the bodywork on the sidepods is similar. It’s complete coincidence.”

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