Wet Weather Running Scheduled For Final Day of Barcelona Testing

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

The Barcelona Circuit has selected the final day of testing (2 March) for wet weather running, should it be dry on the other days.

Pirelli are wanting to allocate a full day of the test to allow them and the teams to garner a better working understanding of the new characteristic tyres. Their initial two-day testing was affected by Sebastian Vettel’s crash a couple of weeks ago, an incident Pirelli are adamant was caused by something other than the rubber. An extra day of data collection will at least allow the manufacturer to confirm this and alleviate any hesitation held by the teams.

Current weather forecasting suggests that testing will be free of rain, but should it turn wet then the arrangements will be reconsidered and the final day will revert back to normal testing.

Previous attempts to replicate a wet track have proved troublesome as soaking the track with consistent levels of water is nigh on impossible. To ensure they are prepared the circuit has been practising. Check out the uploaded video below.