Zak Brown expects to see progress in 2017 with the MCL32

Credit: Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic

McLaren Honda Formula One Team has officially launched their highly anticipated, orange liveried 2017 car – the MCL32.

It is the first chassis since 1980 not to include the MP4 prefix and the first to be launched under the leadership of Zak Brown, whom proved very excited at the prospect.

It is awesome,” he said. “It is a special day for all of us, first time in a car launch. I think it is a beautiful piece of art and I cannot wait to see Fernando and Stoffel go around the track.”

With the dawning of a new era for both the sport and the team, they tirelessly considered a number of designs, but in the end found it nigh on impossible to disappoint their fans. Orange is most definitely the new black.

It was a collective group – we went through a variety of designs and ultimately it was in response to the fans, we have had such outreach from fans ‘we want to have orange‘,” Brown added.

Many are hoping that the MCL32 will prove a title contender. And although Brown is reserved in his optimism, he is expecting to build on the progress achieved during 2016.

I am a McLaren fan – we are going to get there. This team is highly frustrated that we are not winning races.

“We have a new package – it takes a bit of time. 2015 was a very difficult year, 2016 wasn’t a great year by McLaren standards but it is forward progress – and that is what we want to see in 2017 – forward progress. “