Horner wants shark fins addressing ahead of Australia

World © Octane Photographic Ltd. Formula 1 - Winter Test 2. Esteban Ocon - Sahara Force India VJM10. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Tuesday 7th March 2017. Digital Ref :1784CB1D0785

The in fashion for 2017 shark fin appendage has come in for much scrutiny in terms of its lack of aesthetic qualities, and Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner, says the sooner the FIA ban them the better, and preferably prior to the start of the new season.

Horner revealed last month that the F1 Strategy Group had warned the FIA about allowing the shark fin to come back into existence last year, but the request to block their return was denied, due to not all of the teams being opposed to it.

Speaking to Autosport.com recently the 43-year-old made clear how getting the issue resolved ahead of the first round of the season in Australia would be beneficial to all.

“The cars on track look great, they’re giving the drivers a harder time. The only disappointment for me is that it would have been nice to get rid of these shark fins and moustache-like wings.

“Maybe there’s still time to address that, because it’s a shame it detracts slightly from the aesthetics of all the cars, and everybody would be affected in the same way. It would be nice if we could get that nailed.

“But I think overall definitely the cars look a step forward, they’re going faster, our drivers aren’t giving any feedback of it being different to follow a car ahead, so I don’t think racing will really be that affected.”

The Brit has always believed that producing good-looking cars is just as important a factor as finding performance, and argues that it would be in the best interests of the championship to remove the ugly appendage, which he feels has ruined the efforts of this year’s rule changes to allow for fiercer looking cars.

“We need to take a sensible pill.

“Every aerodynamicist in every team I’m sure would argue – ours included – that they should be there.

“But if you look at the bigger picture and the aesthetics of Formula 1, it would be right to try to get rid of them.”

To have the shark fins and alternative T-wings banned ahead of the new season, the suggestion would need to receive the backing of all teams to gain approval from the FIA. That requirement has failed once before, but now with the disapproval of fans also being made known, it is possible a change of thinking could see Horner get his wish granted.

  • JCR

    The fins look terrible. Mercedes at least made their’s the least objectionable. The recent cars were tall, skinny, and their small rear wings stood high in the air. All in all not a good look. They redesign them to look more aggressive, to be faster and look like proper F1 cars, and then stick those stupid billboards on them. Teams say they have minimal effect. I really looked forward to better looking cars and then we get these monstrous fins that take away from the improvement.


    Agree….unsightly appendages to go with the unsightly noses the designers can’t quite figure out how to design a car without. I get that the regs drive the look of the nose but Merc and TR got it right.