Paul Hembery Named CEO of Pirelli LatAm following Company Reshuffle

by Hannah Ellis

Paul Hembery is moving to a new position following a restructuring at Pirelli Motorsport.

From 15 March the motorsport director will be taking up the role of CEO of Pirelli LatAm, but will retain overall supervision of the motorsport division. He is expected to make a few Grand Prix visits over the course of the year.

Hembery’s move has resulted in reshuffling elsewhere within the company, with racing manager Mario Isola being promoted to head of car racing.  The pair will work closely, complementing one another, as Hembery will continue his involvement in commercial negotiations whilst Isola concentrates more on the technical matters.

Paul has a huge experience and knowledge of motorsport, so it is very helpful to have him on board for the future, and give us guidance for the future direction of motorsport,” said Isola

“I think that Paul will maintain these [commercial] responsibilities at a high level, like the F1 commission. I am happy if he continues to manage this area and I am happy to do the rest.”

Isola also stated that he is determined to maintain the close working relationship built up over the years with both the teams and drivers.

“I want to carry on with the same situation and also with the drivers,” he said. “I am happy to continue and grow with the teams and grow the relationship.  F1 is always developing and running quickly. We need to stay at the same speed. We cannot relax. You can never relax here.”

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