Carlos Sainz Jr.: “It’s very frustrating to have not finished the race in Bahrain yet”

by Hannah Ellis

Carlos Sainz Jr. is hoping that it’s third time lucky this weekend as he is yet to finish a Grand Prix in Bahrain.

On both occasions the Spaniard qualified well but was forced to retire, which in 2016 was caused by a collision with Sergio Perez on lap one.

It’s very frustrating to have not finished the race in Bahrain yet – in both cases I remember qualifying very well and doing good starts…,” Sainz said.

But in 2015 we had a Power Unit issue and in 2016 I got hit by Perez in lap 1, so hopefully this year we can turn things around and score a good result this year: third time lucky!”

All is not lost, though, as there is more to the weekend than simply Formula 1. As if spending three days in a racecar isn’t enough, the drivers still find time to take a spin around the karting track next door.

We normally go karting at the track right next to the F1 circuit and its great fun!” he continued. “I’d say it’s actually one of the coolest KARTING tracks I’ve ever been to.

“I hope this year we keep the tradition and we get to go again, it’s always good to have some fun!”

And despite the Grand Prix starting later in the day, don’t think that you’ll find Sainz enjoying a lie in. Instead the extended morning is the perfect excuse for an extra gym session or trip to the beach.

The race takes place in the evening in Bahrain, so the whole schedule is shifted and the day starts a bit later for us,” he said. “This is good, as it allows us to spend the mornings doing a bit of sport or going to the beach, which is something different!

“And I have to say that the hotel we stay at in Bahrain is awesome! Its right by the beach and you can do any kind of sport you want – from squash to gym sessions, sea sports… And we always find some time to chill by the pool or at the beach, it’s a must!”

The weekend is far from a breeze, however, as Friday practice is split into one day and a second evening session. The contrast in track conditions between the two makes it very difficult to enter the weekend with all of the desired technical information. Scuderia Toro Rosso will definitely have their hands full.

I’d say I always prefer a good hot race, except for Singapore where it’s a bit too hot and humid,” he added.

The one thing that makes this Grand Prix tricky is the fact that on Friday we have a practice session during the day, when it’s sunny and windy, and another one in the evening, when it’s much cooler.

“This makes it very difficult to approach the weekend.”

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