FIA bring in medical contingency plan for Chinese Grand Prix

Credit: Haas F1 Team

Fears that the Chinese Grand Prix could be cancelled should the Friday weather conditions return on Sunday have been quelled after the FIA arranged a police escort to the hospital should the medical helicopter be out of action.

Friday’s first free practice session was heavily affected and the second free practice session was cancelled altogether due to the inability of the medical helicopter to land in downtown Shanghai due to visibility issues, but a contingency plan has now been put into place to ensure the race goes ahead on Sunday with similar weather conditions predicted.

Whereas the medical helicopter is able to land near the hospital 38km away within the mandatory twenty minutes as laid out in the Sporting regulations, it being out of use means that they would have to use the roads system, but the distance is too far for the time frame to be kept.

However, a local hospital just 5km away is now being used with the necessary neurological department equipment being transferred there ahead of the race day to ensure they can meet the requirements of the regulations, while a police escort has been confirmed to prevent unnecessary delays.

Despite the weather conditions looking likely to be similar on Sunday, higher winds are expected which should aid visibility and ensure the medical helicopter can be used.