Wall of Champions set for changes in Montreal

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

The Gilles Villeneuve circuit in Canada is currently undergoing a number of upgrades in preparations being made for this year’s grand prix.

The changes in regulations introduced at the start of the season, especially the faster nature of the cars, has meant a number of safety measures have needed re-addressing. But the layout will remain untouched.

One such change will see its guardrails and around 5,000 tyres replaced with TecPro Barriers. These innovate safety features are made from polyethylene and are filled with plastic, foam and sand. They offer greater energy dispersion when a car collides with them compared to previous implements.

The gravel traps are set to be replaced by asphalt, by order of the FIA; this has become a common feature at other tracks and allows cars to rejoin the race instead of becoming beached.

And the infamous Wall of Champions has been deemed too dangerous, and will have its angle changed prior to the race weekend.

The old steel guardrails at turn 5 will also be replaced by a SAFER barrier, which is in use at NASCAR and IndyCar oval tracks. Steel and Foam Energy Reduction bariers are designed to absorb and reduce kinetic energy during a crash and reduce the impact effect suffered by drivers.

Work is anticipated to finish mid-May, well ahead of Formula 1’s arrival on 9 June.