Daniel Ricciardo: “Last year was disappointing for me”

Daniel Ricciardo is hoping for better luck in 2017 than he had last year at Monaco - Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Daniel Ricciardo says the Monaco Grand Prix is his favourite on the calendar, mainly down to its tight and twisty nature and the ‘intimidating’ walls that line the track.

The Red Bull Racing driver was a podium finisher in 2016 in Monaco, and says that once behind the wheel of the car, it is an amazing track to drive.

“Monaco is definitely my favourite track to drive, it is so tight and intimidating,” said Ricciardo. “From the outside some of the sequences look impossible to go through at the speeds we do.

“Once you are in the car it’s an amazing feeling. If you kiss the wall it actually makes you want to do it again as opposed to scaring you. The whole spectacle of the weekend just makes it something unique and special.”

Ricciardo secured his maiden pole position at Monaco in 2016 and was on course for the victory when he endured a slow pit stop that saw him fall behind Lewis Hamilton and ultimately settle for second, but he is not letting the disappointment of the lost win affect him heading into the 2017 event.

“Last year was disappointing for me as I felt we definitely had the win on the cards,” said Ricciardo. “I am old enough and mature enough now to put that behind me and be able to look forward to racing there, and take back what I felt I lost last year.

“I don’t think I could have gone any quicker in my pole lap. Personally I felt it went really well, one of the best laps I have ever done. If I do win the trophy it is staying with me. NO REPLICAS!”

Ricciardo jokes that he could walk from his apartment in Monaco to the track, but he admits it is nice to be able to sleep in his own bed, although he will also have the right to complain about the noise!

“In theory I could walk to work while we are in Monaco, it is still a bit of a way but it could be done,” said Ricciardo. “Luckily for me though we get boats to the Energy Station which is a nice change.

“Being able to sleep in your own bed and complain about the noise is also a treat.”