F1 teams advised to make design changes, following Billy Monger crash investigation

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd
Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Following an FIA investigation into the horrific crash of British F4 driver Billy Monger, a note was sent to F1 teams asking them to change their rear jack points ahead of this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.

Findings from the FIA’s investigation have highlighted the rear jack design as a potential reason for the extreme nature of the 17-year-old’s injuries.

It has also been agreed following the subsequent report, that F1 jack points would now be checked by the safety department as a matter of course at F1 race weekends, as FIA Safety Director Laurent Mekies explained.

“Following several front-to-rear incidents over the past months in various single-seater categories, the FIA would like all F1 teams to ensure that their rear jacking point designs cannot act aggressively during such an incident.

“Considering the strength, shape and position of the jacking points, they may become one of the initial points of contact in a crash with another car and alter the performance of the crash structure of the other car.

“The use of aggressive designs will not be permitted from the Monaco GP onwards. All jacking points used from that date must first be approved by the FIA technical department.”

It was confirmed by Mekies that in order for the design to be classified as un-aggressive, it must be “geometrically not the first point of contact between the nose and the RIS [rear impact structure]” and “protrude no more than 45mm from surface of RIS”.

It was not necessary for all teams to make modifications, with some having already been deemed a satisfactory design, but where changes were applied, they have all received the thumbs up to take part in this weekend’s race through the streets of Monte Carlo, by F1 Technical Delegate Jo Bauer.

Haas F1 Team Boss Guenther Steiner confirmed the American squad were one of the teams who needed to re-design their jack point, and were happy to do so, advising motorsport.com that he and the team fully support the FIA’s decision on this matter.

“We had to change our jack pick-up point.

“It’s a change for a good reason. The parts came on Wednesday, and we are fine. The part on the jack had to be changed and something on the car as well, but it was nothing too demanding.

“It’s the right thing to do, and there was full support. There was a reason why, and if we learn something, we should change it.”

The other categories will also be advised of the need for the design update, which the FIA will ensure is adhered to.