Honda’s Yusuke Hasegawa: “We’re hoping to have a good race here”

Reliability issues have heavily affected McLaren Honda's 2017 season so far - Credit: Glenn Dunbar/LAT Images

Honda boss Yusuke Hasegawa hopes the reliability issues that have blighted the opening four races of the 2017 Formula 1 Season do not resurface this weekend at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, especially in front of Fernando Alonso’s home fans.

Out of a possible eight finishes in 2017, the McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team have only seen the chequered flag twice, both for Stoffel Vandoorne in Australia and Russia respectively, while the past two races have seen one of the MCL32’s failing even to start, Vandoorne in Bahrain and Alonso in Russia two weeks ago, but Hasagawa hopes the improvements being made to the engine means this problems should disappear and the team should become a more competitive outfit.

“After wrapping up the first of this seasons fly-away races, we’re now heading to Spain to kick off the European rounds of the championship,” said Hasegawa. “The first few races have been challenging for us, with a number of reliability issues plaguing our running. We’re continuing to work hard as a team to improve both the reliability and the performance of our power unit moving forward.

“The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a technical circuit with a mixture of various types of corners. Its character is different to that of the first four races, which were typically power circuits and it’ll be less strenuous on the power unit. The most important focus for us in Spain will be the total balance of the car, therefore we’ll aim to maximise our time in each practice session to work out the best balance of the car with McLaren.

“We’re hoping to have a good race here and build some momentum for the coming races. It’s also Fernando’s home race, so we want to give him the best package possible in front of his home crowd.”

  • Dave Mack

    Yeah, and I’m hoping to win the lottery.

  • Joe Dig

    I think McLaren Honda have got it wrong here. The season is already over for them.

    Lets put all the go fast bits in the power unit now and use track time to sort the reliability issues. Honda will then know if they are on the right track and it will be fun to watch the McLaren go like a bat out of hell until it expires. As components break – make them stronger next time!

    Alonso would have a ball driving fast for a change and it could sway his decision to stay for another year or two.

  • Troy F Collins

    Honda said they had a new size zero concept for 2015… was a horrible surprise for all involved…then they said 2016 we will have a much better package “now we know” and to an extent they did…but still slow……and then for 2017 we have a concept like Mercedes we should be near the top……and its worse

    I’m sure Honda will get it right eventually……but for a F1 team its well past the point of the “fool me twice scenario” for Mclaren and regardless of the money…the Mclaren brand has been damaged

    Let Honda go to a small team and see what they can do with less pressure