Lance Stroll: “I am looking forward to my first Monaco race”

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

The Monaco Grand Prix will be a special weekend for Lance Stroll, as he participates in his first Monaco race, one he’s sure is going to be tricky.

The Williams Martini Racing driver has had a poor start to his 2017 Formula 1 campaign, as he has yet to score any points as well as three retirements under his belt in only five Grand Prix. Stroll ended the Spanish Grand Prix feeling frustrated as he finished sixteenth and last of the classified finishers. He struggled particularly in the final stint of the race with the Medium tyre.

Looking ahead to this weekend, he is looking forward to racing around the famous Monte Carlos street circuit. For the Canadian, he’s experiencing the circuit on the simulator, to leave it fresh in his mind, without doubt he knows it’s going to be tricky.

“It goes without saying that I am looking forward to my first Monaco race,” said Stroll. “It is going to be a special weekend on and off track, as I have some friends coming to see me race there.

“I have seen the race a couple of times and know the track from video games. I always go on the simulator a few days before leaving for the race so it is fresh in my mind, and then a track walk with my engineers is where I can pick up on the little things. Without doubt it’s going to be tricky.

“However, this is always the case with street circuits, especially for your first race, but I am going to enjoy the challenge. With the barriers so close there is less room for error, so it is important to build up to quick laps and then really push when it matters.”

  • Nikeros

    More input from the backmarker who has yet to score a point. How much did this article cost daddy? I bet you’re looking forward to staying ahead of the medical car.

  • Dave Domenicano

    I predict at least 2 shunts this weekend… this kid is going nowhere fast!

  • Nikeros

    Muahaha you already had half of your prediction,come true, Dave. He hit the wall in FP2. I thought he’d at least hold off till qualy, but I guess he just couldn’t contain himself.