Lewis Hamilton Excited at the Prospect of “Incredible” New York GP

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team. Credit: Wolfgang Wilhelm

Lewis Hamilton has described the proposal for a grand prix in New York City as “incredible“.

It is not the first time that the sport has tried to secure the infamous skyline as a backdrop; New Jersey was a proposed race in 2011 under the steerage of Bernie Ecclestone, though the so-called Grand Prix of America failed to materialise.

Liberty Media has been vocal since taking over in January that they are eager to host more races in major cities, and New York is one to rumour currently doing the rounds.

He also appears to have given the idea previous thought as in his opinion a night race would be most suited.

That would be very cool!” he said. “New York is a grand prix I think we should definitely have. I think two grands prix in the States is something we should put in the calendar.

“I think it would be incredible, such a great city with such a great backdrop from New Jersey. Being at night, even during the day is fine, it’s not too extreme conditions.

“Perhaps a twilight kind of race, the sunset is pretty crazy over the city, so a bit like Bahrain where you go from the sun setting to the evening would be perfect.”