Williams’ Paddy Lowe: “We look forward to an exciting weekend”

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

Paddy Lowe is hopeful that Williams Martini Racing can score the best possible results at the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend.

The Grove-based outfit struggled during the Spanish Grand Prix, as both drivers failed to reach the points. Felipe Massa had to take an extra stop, after a collision with Stoffel Vandoorne, this unscheduled pit stop meant he could only see the chequered flag in thirteenth. Lance Stroll was the last of the classified finishers, he finished in sixteenth, he struggled particularly in the final stint of the race with the Medium tyre.

Chief Technical Officer at Williams Lowe believes the Monte Carlo street circuit presents a real test to the driver, as the circuit adds a busy workload to them, with it being an extremely tight circuit.

“Monaco is the most incredible circuit and one of the highlights of the Formula One calendar,” said Lowe. “As a race track it is technically very demanding.

“The car needs to have excellent mechanical qualities whilst also requiring strong aerodynamic performance. The barriers run very close at every point around the track, so there is no room for error and no time for the drivers to rest.

“With modern F1 cars, which require a high degree of interaction for configuration of electronic settings on top of the busy workload of this circuit, it presents a real test to the driver.”

With the circuit being very tight, Saturday means everything to the drivers, as they try to qualify in the best position. Lowe is looking forward to an exciting weekend for both of the drivers, as well as hoping for the best possible results for the team.

“To win the Monaco Grand Prix is therefore a feat of incredible skill and competence,” added Lowe. “It’s rarely achieved without a lot of experience.

“We go to Monaco with Felipe and Lance who are at opposite ends of that experience level. Lance at the age of only 18 faces the unique challenge of taking an F1 car to the streets of Monte Carlo for the first time and Felipe for the fifteenth time. We look forward to an exciting weekend and the best possible results for the team.”