Kevin Magnussen: “It hasn’t been my weekend”

Kevin Magnussen finished in twelfth for Haas F1 Team in Canada Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

Kevin Magnussen believes the judgement from the stewards at the Canadian Grand Prix was very unfair.

The Haas F1 Team driver’s race including a five-second time penalty for overtaking Stoffel Vandoorne behind the Virtual Safety Car. Magnussen returned to the race in fifteenth, after serving his penalty, from here he gradually climbed the grid, as cars started to retire around him from the Grand Prix.

Magnussen is hopeful soon things will start to change for him, as he continues to have bad weekends.

“With regard to the penalty, I went on power anticipating the end of the Virtual Safety Car,” said Magnussen. “I thought I’d probably passed him (Vandoorne) before it ended.

“I wasn’t sure, but I let him past anyway before passing him again at the next corner. Normally, when you give back the position, that’s fine. I gave it back and then overtook him straight away. He was in front and he had every chance to be in the position he was before the Virtual Safety Car.

“I feel it’s very unfair the judgement from the stewards. These things happen. My shot at points was over. I fought very hard and had a good start. The opposite strategy didn’t work, but we were still there. It hasn’t been my weekend but, hopefully, it will turn soon.”