Lance Stroll does not doubt his own racing ability

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

Despite a tricky start to his rookie campaign with Williams Martini Racing for the 2017 Formula 1 season, Lance Stroll does not doubt his ability as a racing driver.

Last season, the Canadian won the FIA European Formula 3 title, but in his opening six Grand Prix, has failed to score any points for the Grove-based outfit, compared to the twenty points team-mate Felipe Massa has scored. At the Monaco Grand Prix, Stroll failed to see the chequered flag, after issues with his front left braking system forced him into the pits to retire with only seven laps remaining.

Despite all these struggles, Stroll does not doubt his ability as a racing driver and believes there are factors that are hampering his performance.

“I don’t want to sound cocky, but I don’t doubt my ability as a racing driver,” said Stroll. “I have proven that to myself in the past in my career in F4 and F3.

“I still don’t doubt myself even if it has been a tricky start to the year. That doesn’t change. What I do know and what I do have to accept is that F1 is very different from any other championship. The cars this year are heavy, snappy and move around a lot which is fun but challenging.

“I enjoy it but it is a challenge and you see it with a lot of drivers. Also the tracks, a lot of them I don’t know, so that is all part of the rookie year where you need to go to places you don’t know and that is obviously not the same advantage as tracks you know.”

Despite not succeeding in the championship, Stroll still believes he is improving race by race, with this being something you can not rush.

“I think I’m improving race by race and getting more comfortable in F1 but to be the best I can be I need time and experience in this Formula. You can’t rush that as you need to build up that knowledge and understanding.”