No guarantee Ferrari can perform well in Canada – Vettel

Sebastian Vettel believes there is no guarantee that Scuderia Ferrari can perform well in Canadian this weekend Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

Despite their strong performance so far during the 2017 Formula 1 season, Sebastian Vettel believes there is no guarantee that this will continue into each Grand Prix for Scuderia Ferrari.

The German has been on the podium every single Grand Prix this season, with three wins to his name after only six races. For the Monaco Grand Prix, he crossed the chequered flag in first, ahead of his Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen, who qualified on pole around the Monte Carlo street circuit. Vettel put in some strong laps while trailed Raikkonen in the lead, once the Finn had made his pit stop, Vettel did enough to come back out in front after his own stop.

Vettel believes the SF70H has been very good so far and is hopeful of good performance in Montreal, but knows there is no guarantee that the team can succeed.

“I think our strength comes from the team effort,” said Vettel. “We are working very hard together to extract the maximum.

“People see what I do on track, but you don’t see all the work in Maranello. Obviously, looking back we can say that we have done very well so far, but there is no guarantee that just because the last race was good, then the next one will be good as well.

“So, we have to sit down again and go through everything, paying attention to details. I like this place and I am looking forward to driving here. The car has been very good so far, it should be good here as well, but as I’ve just said there is no guarantee.”

Team-mate Raikkonen came away from the Monaco Grand Prix feeling very disappointed, he took his first pole position since 2008 but could not keep this position until the end in a battle with Vettel. Raikkonen lost time in traffic while Vettel was able to take advantage of a clear track.

This weekend is no different from any other location on the Formula 1 calendar, with Raikkonen believing Ferrari have to try to maximize everything.

“We have to face this weekend like any other one,” said Kimi. “We’ll try to maximize everything, go from the practice and see what it brings on Saturday and then on Sunday.

“Every track is different and it’s never going to be easy. It’s not an easy circuit even if there are not many corners. Also because, in the race like this, usually quite a lot of things can happen”.