Red Bull have overcome tricky 2017 Formula 1 start – Ricciardo

Red Bull Racing have overcome their tricky start, believes Daniel Ricciardo after three consecutive podium finishes Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

With the correlation a lot better in the last few races, Daniel Ricciardo believes Red Bull Racing have overcome their tricky start to the 2017 Formula 1 season.

The Australian has secured three consecutive podium finishes since the Spanish Grand Prix, which shows positive progression for the RB13 after already retiring twice from Grand Prix at the beginning of the season. There’s more consistency with the feedback from both him and team-mate Max Verstappen, in Barcelona Red Bull introduced their big update, with some things working and others not.

Ricciardo has previously admitted poor feedback with the performance of the RB13, with things just not adding up during the flyaway rounds. Since returning to Europe, his performance has massively improved with three podiums to his name. With these improvements, the correlation has been a lot better, meaning the Milton Keynes-based outfit are more certain on the direction they need to go.

“We have had a bit more consistency with feedback from me and Max in the last few races,” said Ricciardo. “More what we are saying is now also visible on data, where early in the year it would day one thing but not always show.

“It seems the correlation is a lot better in the last few races and we are now a lot more certain on the direction we need to go. From Barcelona where we had the big update, some things worked and some things didn’t, and it was clearer to see from that point on what is working on this car and what isn’t. We have a proper direction now as opposed to trying to find a bit in the front, a bit in the rear.

“From what I understand from their side they know what they need to do now. We as drivers always knew from fairly early on in the season what we needed in the car, but it was not always that clear to them, it wasn’t on the numbers why, okay so why do we have weaker on the entry, it doesn’t quite add up. But now they can see it.”