Alonso Switches Back to ‘Spec-2’ Honda Engine

Credit: Glenn Dunbar / McLaren

Fernando Alonso has been forced into an engine change for the remainder of the Austrian Grand Prix weekend, after Honda engineers identified a problem with the new ‘Spec 3’ unit debuted yesterday.

Both McLarens benefited from an apparent boost in pace after the introduction of the Spec 3 Honda units, however an MGU-H failure became apparent overnight and necessitated a change of the entire powerunit.

The wholesale change in powerunit was considered necessary given the complexities of the hybrid system, with attempting to change only the MGU-H whilst retaining the remainder of the Spec 3 engine deemed too risky.

The Spaniard will now be reverting to a previously used Spec 2 engine, avoiding any grid penalties being imposed upon him. This will now leave him at a power disadvantage to his team-mate Stoffel Vandoorne, who so far has enjoyed a trouble-free run with the new engine evolution.