BRDC president certain they will find a way to strike new deal for Silverstone

The BRDC are hoping to arrange new Silverstone deal with Liberty Media. Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

The BRDC are confident of being able to agree terms on a new deal with Liberty Media to see the British Grand Prix continue at Silverstone after 2019, having exercised the break in their contract to stop the race from being held at the Oxfordshire circuit form 2020.

F1 owners Liberty were not entirely happy with the way the BRDC went about announcing their decision just prior to this year’s event, but President Derek Warwick confirmed to Sky Sports F1 that they would sit down and discuss terms of the race and the venue’s future, with Liberty at the end of the season.

“We will sit down with Liberty. Maybe at the end of the year when everything’s calmed down, we’ve got more time, they’ve got more time.

“How can there not be a British GP at Silverstone? I’m sure somehow we will find some way of signing a new contract.”

As one of the most popular tracks with both drivers and fans, and one of the best-attended race weekends of the season, with approximately 300,000 spectators having been in attendance over the course of this year’s event, it would be an absolute travesty to see it fall from the calendar.

There are however rumours circulating, that rival bids for a grand prix on the streets of London have been put forward, and although they have been submitted as an extra race in the UK, they could also stymie Silverstone’s chances of hosting the British Grand Prix, or from getting the sort of deal they are looking for.