Decision to Activate Break Clause was not taken lightly – BRDC

by Paul Hensby

Despite the Formula 1 Group saying that Silverstone’s decision to break its contract to host the British Grand Prix beyond 2019 was ‘posturing’ on the part of the British Racing Drivers’ Club, sporting director Stuart Pringle insists this is not the case, and that they had reached their tipping point to make the decision inevitable.

Pringle insisted that the decision to break the contract was not taken lightly, and although they are hopeful of negotiating a new, more financially viable contact, they know the risk is now there that the British Grand Prix could fall off the Formula 1 calendar.

“This is not posturing,” said Pringle on “We absolutely don’t do this lightly. No one likes running races more than the BRDC. We put on the event and we are conscious of the implications of our actions today.

“But we have reached the tipping point. We recognise that one of the possible outcomes of this is no British GP after 2019, and that would be a monumental shame.”

BRDC Chairman John Grant also refuted suggestions that the announcement could have been made after this weekends race, but they were legally bound to make the decision with two years, meaning they needed to do it before the event starts.

“It is actually a legal question,” said Grant. “We only have one opportunity until our contract runs out to break the contract and stop losing money, and that is after the 2019 event.

“We have to give two years notice on that, and the last day we can give notice is the last day before this event starts. So today is last day for that. We had no choice for that.”

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