Kubica says his ‘physical limitations’ do not Impact his Driving after Test Two

Robert Kubica completed 90 laps around Paul Ricard on Wednesday in a 2012 Lotus - Credit: Malcolm Griffiths

Robert Kubica completed his second test session with the Renault Sport Formula 1 Team on Wednesday, running 90 laps of the Circuit Paul Ricard in the 2012-spec Lotus E20.

Whereas the first test in Valencia was at the Polish drivers request, Renault offered Kubica the opportunity to continue his assessment to whether a return to Formula 1 after a six year absence could indeed happen, with the thirty-two-year-old revealing that the only change he’s had to do is switch from right to left hand gear changes.

Kubica insists there are no doubts that he still has the ability to drive Formula 1 cars, with the two tests in Valencia and Paul Ricard confirming that to him, but he knows there is still a lot of work to do get back onto the grid.

“Physically, there are no problems,” said Kubica to French publication L’Equipe. “In Valencia, I was already pleased with the way my body and mind had reacted.

“Today, I feel even better and it gives me confidence as I realise that I can drive rather well.

“I have to compensate with my left hand, so there’s more stress on that side but it doesn’t affect my driving. The only modification in the car is the fact that I’m using my left hand to change gears.

“I don’t have any doubts about my ability but it’s still a long road ahead. I need to recover my instinct. I do have physical limitations but there is no impact on my driving.”

Kubica has been linked to a possible test with Renault in the post-Hungarian Grand Prix in-season test, but he says that doing something along those lines, which would give him his first taste of 2017 machinery, would need to be for a very good reason.

“I don’t want to come back for nothing. I want to come back to the best possible level,” said Kubica. “I haven’t tested a current-spec car, so I wouldn’t be able to be ready for Silverstone.

“I would need a couple of days in a car, and that would boost my chances by 100 percent! Honestly, I’m doing my best to maximize my chances. But I don’t know what the future holds.”