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Lewis Hamilton: “I’m Driving Better Than I’ve Ever Driven”

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Lewis Hamilton isn't fussed by the records, just that he's driving better than ever. Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

During the British Grand Prix weekend, Lewis Hamilton moved to within one pole-position of equalling Michael Schumacher’s all-time record. Hamilton also equalled Jim Clark and Alain Prost’s record of five British Grand Prix victories as he bids to become Britain’s first four-time world champion.

But Hamilton says that his historical achievements aren’t on his radar right now, and insists that what matters is that he believes he is driving better now than at any point in his decade long F1 career.

“All I do know is I’m loving racing, I really, really do feel within myself I’m driving better than I’ve ever driven,” he told “I think I may have said that in the past, perhaps with less conviction. Within myself, I know that right now I’m at my best.

“I want to stay there, so I’ll prepare myself the best way I can and only I know how to prepare myself.

“No one else can do it for me and there’s no other advice or guidance or anybody that can infiltrate that. I’ve got a great team of people around me, who also help me be as good as I am today – there so many people in our team.

“With all these people it’s a long old chain, but it’s operating at its most efficient and we want to continue it.”

On the back of his fourth consecutive victory on home soil, Hamilton was asked why he was so good around Silverstone. “Because I own it!” was his response, before going into detail about the characteristics of the circuit that suit his driving style as well as the support from the home crowd.

“Naturally you’re going to think I’m biased but I’ve got a lot of love for different tracks that we go to but this is one of the favourites of the year – particularly with the car’s performance improving,” he said.

“It’s got the greatest combination of corners, particularly Copse, Maggotts and Becketts is the best combination of corners on the whole grand prix calendar. I love street circuits and Monaco has always been one of my favourites, but it’s not a great racing circuit.

“This is an all-out great racing circuit. They don’t build circuits like this, they don’t build circuits like Hungary any more – it just has that character and that history, but in terms of driving it I have no idea.

“In terms of the energy I get from these fans – there is no other driver that gets this kind of energy anywhere. I really do think it boosts you, just lifts you up. There’s no avoiding it.

“Literally from the start of the race, before I even got in the car, I could see the crowd and every time I turned to see them they cheered. I did the start, accelerating down to Turn 3 [Village] and out the corner of my eye I could see the guys cheering.

“I got to Turn 7 [Luffield], and everyone was standing up cheering – every lap, for 51 laps, everyone stands up every single lap. There wasn’t one lap that I didn’t see them standing up and cheering.

“I just feel like they’re egging me on, and I don’t see that anywhere else in the world. I think that’s a real big part of it.”

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