Red Bull Ring Kerbs Modified After Driver Complaints

Credit: Steven Tee / Williams

The FIA has elected to modify the kerbs at the end of the Red Bull Ring lap, with changes made at Turns 9 and 10 following driver complaints and damage to cars sustained during Friday’s free practice sessions.

Two drivers had been especially vocal about the incompatibility of current Formula 1 cars with the design of the kerbs, with Max Verstappen explaining his floor change during Free Practise 2 was related to a trip across the yellow ‘baguette’ kerbs that line the outside of Turns 9 and 10.

“I think it’s a lot of kerb for a Formula One car,” he said. “The cars are not designed for it.”

Felipe Massa had been similarly critical of the kerbing at the final two corners of the lap, and refuted any suggestion that it was up to the drivers to avoid the kerbs to begin with.

“I didn’t damage my car because I was trying to use too much, I damaged because I just went off and coming back on I just took these wide kerbs and they damaged the car.”

The FIA have heeded the drivers’ concerns, moving two of the yellow ‘baguette’ kerbs further down the penultimate corner towards the entry of Turn 10, allowing a bigger gap for cars to return to the circuit without having to cross them.

Soil erosion had also been identified behind the gully drainage at Turn 9, which left it exposed behind the kerb. This was repaired at the same time as the amendments to the kerb design took place.