VIDEO: Red Bull Racing PUCK OFF Challenge

The Red Bull Racing PUCK OFF Challenge got underway in Salzburg, ahead of this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix, which takes place at the team’s home track.

Drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, swapped steering wheels for ice hockey sticks, as they faced off against each other, with Team Principal Christian Horner overseeing the match as referee.

TEAM Daniel took on TEAM Max, with F1 broadcast media lining up as their team-mates, in what was set to be an epic battle between the Red Bull pair.

Being a relative newcomer to life on ice, Ricciardo says he was apprehensive at first, but loved every minute of it.

“You know, I’ve never played ice hockey before and I’ve ice skated probably twice when I was maybe ten years old.

“We had a rink in Perth and I think I went on a school excursion. So, I haven’t done it for the best part of 18 years and never with a stick and a puck.

“It was fun. I honestly really, really enjoyed it and by the end, when they blew the whistle I was sweating but I was sad. I wanted to keep playing”

Team-mate Verstappen on the other hand had much more experience to call upon, with ice based activities a common pastime in Holland.

“I’m not going to rate myself – but it’s OK. Above average, I guess.

“It’s been a great activity. I think as a Dutch guy it’s always good to be on the ice, so I definitely enjoyed it.

“I was playing a bit when I was ten years old, I played it for a few months. As a Dutch guy, you do it more often, of course.

Watch how it all unfolded in this entertaining video.

Credit: Red Bull Content Pool