Yusuke Hasegawa on Silverstone: “I’m expecting it to be challenging for us”

Yusuke Hasegawa expects another tough weekend for the McLaren Honda F1 Team at Silverstone - Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Yusuke Hasegawa admits that the Silverstone circuit is likely to be a challenge for the McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team this weekend, with the power unit, renowned as one of the weakest on the grid, likely to be put to a tough test.

One of Honda’s biggest problems with their engine has been the way it uses its fuel, with both Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne having to do more fuel saving than pretty much anyone else on the grid, which could be a problem this weekend at Silverstone, which is one of the more fuel-hungry tracks on the calendar.

Hasegawa pinpoints that, and the power deficit Honda currently have, as the biggest problems facing McLaren this weekend, but he still feels it will be one of the highlights of the season.

“The British Grand Prix marks the half way point of the season, and is one of the highlights on the Formula 1 calendar,” said Hasegawa. “It is one of the oldest and most iconic races, but also one of the most demanding for the team and drivers.

“The layout, with its long straights and high-speed corners, has a great flow to it but puts every area of the car to the test – including the PU. It’s long and flat, and fuel and power hungry, so I’m expecting it to be challenging for us. And of course we will have the notoriously unpredictable British weather to contend with too.”

Hasegawa had been hopeful that McLaren would score points last weekend in Austria, but Vandoorne was the team’s only finisher after Alonso was eliminated in a first lap crash, but he feels progress continues to be made, and the motivation to do so is still there.

“The result in Austria wasn’t what we had hoped for or expected, but having said that, we showed some genuine progress which I hope we can continue to build on this weekend,” said Hasegawa. “We’re as motivated as ever, and working to move forward as quickly as we can.”