Cammish Leads Fraught First Carrera Cup GB Race at Knockhill

by Lee Bonham

Dan Cammish converted pole position into a lights to flag victory in round ten of the 2017 Porsche Carrera Cup GB. Redline Racing man Cammish found himself fending off the relentless efforts of JTR driver Dino Zamparelli, who ruthlessly stole second from championship leader Charlie Eastwood (Redline Racing) at the first corner and never looked back.

Eastwood’s race peaked at said first corner. From the rolling start he gained greater momentum than Cammish and pulled alongside his rival and team-mate into Duffus Dip. Contact from behind pushed the Irish driver wide and allowed an opportunistic Zamparelli through to second position.

Despite claiming pole for race two, Eastwood was unable to challenge the top two after his first corner moment. The margins between Cammish and Zamparelli fluctuated across the contest’s thirty two lap duration but ultimately Cammish never lost his grip and confidently swept across the line, Snetterton absence not withstanding, to claim his fourth consecutive victory.

Another Redline contender to suffer at the start of the race was Tom Oliphant, who slipped behind his stable-mates Dan and Euan McKay. The former made a tremendous getaway and held fourth in the initial stages of the race.

However, JTR men Lewis Plato and Tio Ellinas would make the most progress as the race unfolded. On the second tour Plato eased his way into fifth ahead of Euan McKay, nine laps later usurping Dan McKay at the Taylors hairpin for fourth.

Oliphant too would make progress past both McKays, with Ellinas making moves on Euan and Dan on laps fifteen and twenty six respectively – The first at Duffus Dip and the second once more at Taylors.

Cammish, Zamparelli and Eastwood the rostrum finishers. The remainder of the top eight order headed by Plato, with Oliphant and Ellinas heading Dan and Euan McKay at flag fall.

Ross Wylie (Slidesports) held onto ninth from In2Racing’s new addition Jamie Orton. Once more In2Racing’s regular contender Tom Wrigley was the victim of some atrocious luck, contact with Matt Telling (Welch Motorsport) as he attempted to lap the Pro-Am2 driver pitching both out of the race with only a lap remaining.

Pro-Am1 was tight but undramatic, with Alex Martin heading Team Parker Racing team-mate Justin Sherwood and John McCullagh, the latter pleased to run so closely in third on only his third race back in Carrera Cup GB for Redline.

Peter Kyle-Henney (In2Racing) would deny pole sitter Ian Dockerill (Asset Advantage Racing) the Pro-Am2 spoils, as David Fairbrother (Slidesports)  denied himself a class podium with an off at McIntyre. Fairbrother’s indiscretion allowed Thomas Jennings to take third for G-Cat Racing and Rupert Martin fourth for Team Parker Racing.

Race two sets off at 16:05 and Cammish has resumed where he left off at Le Mans. However, the sniff of championship success has seemingly brought Dino Zamparelli to a new level during the second half of this campaign. With tight dices in both Pro-Am1 and Pro-Am2, race two will likely provide some more thrillingly close action. Full results for all of the TOCA categories competing at Knockhill this weekend can be found here.

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