F1 needs more involvement with Independent Engine Manufacturers – Marko

Helmut Marko (seen where with Max Verstappen) hopes more independent engine manufacturers get involved in Formula 1 - Credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Formula 1 bosses need to do more to entice other engine manufacturers to the sport, according to Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko.

Just four engine manufacturers – Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda – race in Formula 1 in 2017, but Marko believes there is room in the sport for more, and insists it is important that other marquees, such as Aston Martin or Cosworth, are invited to negotiations about possible involvement in the sports future.

“For us it is currently more important that independent engine manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Cosworth or Illien are present in the negotiations,” said Marko to German newspaper Welt.

“What we see with Honda is that even with the highest financial and personnel expenditure, it is not possible to have success with these very complex engine regulations.”

Marko believes that Red Bull Racing’s RB13 chassis is a very strong one in 2017, and is hoping that the progress seen by their current engine suppliers Renault means the team can fight for more race victories later in the season to add to Daniel Ricciardo’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix win.

“From a technical point of view, the chassis is at a very high level compared to Ferrari and Mercedes,” said Marko.

“Our engine partner Renault is making continuous progress, which means that Red Bull will win one or two races on its own strength this year.”


  • Theo Delorean

    why do F1 need MORE INVOLVEMENT WITH INDEPENDENT engine manufactures, but not chassis independent manufacturers?. I rather prefer this F1 than the 4 titles of RB with a car on areo-railway. Sorry Marko, go to Formula E.

  • Jean Georges

    Less expensive, more choice; chassis are good, engines are the problem. Give Red Bull 25 HP more and the reliability from Ferrari or Mercedes and everything will look very different.

  • Michiel

    The problem is that every engine manufacturer should be forced to deliver engines to every tean that is interested. Now Mercedes and Ferrari are not willing to deliver an engine to Red Bull and that is a problem for Red Bull. And you see that Renault is not getting to the level of Mercedes and Ferrari soon (and they mentioned that the 2018 will not be a huge improvement) so the problems for Red Bull will continue. And a switch to Honda (who will be the surprise of 2018 in my opinion) seems also not possible, bacause of the “vato” possibility of McLaren on this matter.

  • Theo Delorean

    If F1 is about measuring car makers talent, then yes.
    If it is about measuring drivers talent, then I woukd personally prefer something where all drivers use the same tools.
    Before difusers and hybrids F1 was more enjoyble.
    Just an opinion from someone that pays for watching races, although I know I am not the only one.