Kevin Magnussen: “I don’t really understand the penalty”

Kevin Magnussen at the Hungarian Grand Prix - Octane Photographic Ltd

Kevin Magnussen was hit with a penalty after he ‘pushed’ Renault Sport Formula 1 Team‘s Nico Hulkenberg off the track, which resulted in a post-race war of words between the two drivers.

Magnussen was initially annoyed with the Renault driver due to his contact with his team-mate, Romain Grosjean, in the first corner, claiming angrily over team radio that he couldn’t believe that he’d got away with what he had done. Things turned sour once more when Hulk was pushed onto the grass – eventually ending the German’s race, with Magnussen being handed a penalty for the offence.

In the media pen, a war of words broke out between the two, with Magnussen having the last word on the situation, live on Danish TV3 television.

The Danish driver was clearly angered by the whole situation, claiming intently that he was not to blame for any of the events that occurred.

“I don’t really understand the penalty,” said Magnussen.  “He (Hulkenberg) didn’t get anything for what happened at turn one when he smashed into the side of Romain, which finished his race effectively. I didn’t even touch him.

“He could have chosen to back out, as I had the corner. I was on the inside and we were side-by-side. If anything, I was a little bit in front. I just chose my line. It’s not like I moved off the racing line. We braked late, so it’s natural you go wide and push on the entry. He put himself in danger on the outside.”

“There aren’t many positives to take away from this weekend. It’s been a tough weekend in every sense. I’m sure we’ll do better next time.”