Kevin Magnussen: “I’m a little bit sad to see it go”

Kevin Magnussen - Octane Photographic Ltd

Haas F1 Team driver Kevin Magnussen will be sad to see the Malaysian Grand Prix depart from the Formula 1 calendar after this weekend’s race.

That’s not to say he finds it an easy race. He compares it to the notoriously difficult Singapore Grand Prix around the Marina Bay Street Circuit – and although the drivers are required to work harder in Singapore, the temperatures make Malaysia a challenge also.

“It’s pretty hot there (Malaysia),” commented Magnussen.

“What makes it easier is that you’ve got longer straights to help you recover and get some wind on your body. In Singapore, everything is very low-speed and you’re constantly working on the steering wheel, braking, then getting back on power. You work a lot harder in Singapore than you do in Malaysia. The temperature is worse in Malaysia but, somehow, the race is a little bit easier.”

“I don’t really do anything particular for mental preparation. It’s physical training, then your mental performance improves accordingly.”

The Malaysian Grand Prix has been a feature on the Formula 1 calendar since 1999, and is a favourite for many drivers, even though it is highly demanding. Magnussen says that he will miss the track after it hosts it’s final Grand Prix this weekend.

“I’ve always enjoyed the track. It’s not a bad circuit. It’s got some high-speed corners and that’s always what drivers enjoy. I’m a little bit sad to see it go as it’s been on the calendar for so long.

“Into turn one is a good one. The hairpin after the double right-hander is another one. The last corner as well, but usually it’s into turn one.

“Turns five and six, as they’re quite quick, and then seven and eight, the double right-hander as well. Any high-speed corner in a Formula One car is always exciting.”