Mistakes have big consequences in Singapore, which is cool – Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen - Haas F1 Team. Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Haas F1 Team driver Kevin Magnussen is hoping to continue his points scoring run at the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend, having finished in the top ten at both his previous encounters at Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Despite his success in Singapore, the Dane cannot really understand why he does so well there. He does however love driving it, and enjoys the unique challenges it throws up.

“I don’t really know. I think it’s a cool track, fun to drive. It’s pretty difficult to overtake, but fun nonetheless.”

The Singapore Grand Prix provides a physically demanding and challenging weekend for the drivers, but it is this aspect of racing there that Magnussen loves.

“The margin for error is very low. If you miss your braking or get on the power a bit too early, there’s a wall and you’ll be likely to hit it. This makes the consequences a bit bigger for any mistake, which is cool.

“I think because it’s a challenge, the drivers love it. It’s a different weekend to the rest of the calendar. It’s because it’s unique.”

The Dane considers turn five to be the trickiest part of the circuit to navigate, with sector two being the most enjoyable in his opinion.

“Turn five [is the most treacherous turn on the track]. It’s pretty high speed, and there’s a wall very close to the track.

“Sector two [is my favourite part of the circuit]. It’s cool, twisty, and fun.”

Although Magnussen is looking forward to racing under the lights this weekend, he says he does not have a clue as to whether it will suit the VF17 or not.

“It’s difficult to say. I don’t really have a lot of success in guessing our performance beforehand. I usually get it wrong. I’ll go there and see how we get on.”