Steiner Wants End of ‘Inconsistencies’ in F1 Stewarding Decisions

Guenther Steiner feels his Haas team has been unfairly treated by the stewards in 2017 - Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Guenther Steiner believes his Haas F1 Team has been let down by the inconsistency of the stewarding on show in 2017, and feels they have been unfairly treated on track.

The latest issue came at last weekend’s Italian Grand Prix when Max Verstappen went unpunished despite appearing to edge Kevin Magnussen onto the grass at the Roggia chicane.

Likewise, similar moves for Magnussen on Nico Hülkenberg in the Hungarian Grand Prix and Fernando Alonso on Jolyon Palmer in the Belgian Grand Prix, where the driver on the inside pushed the other off track, saw the Dane handed a punishment while the Spaniard was not.

Steiner is seeking answers to why there are so many inconsistencies, and why Haas seem to come out on the wrong side of the decisions.

“We talked mainly about that but we expand into the inconsistencies in general and what we said before, it seems Haas is a lot of times on the receiving end of the inconsistencies,” said Steiner. “They assure me we are not [being unfairly treated], but I’m pretty sure we are.

“There the inconsistencies start, we’re not agreeing on that one so we cannot even agree on that one, if it is true or not.

“It’s always, when we do something, is it a race accident or not, you get a penalty. That’s what we struggle a bit with. We just want it to be clarified.

“Will we ever get it clarified? I don’t know. It’s an inconsistency. I know it’s not an easy job. I wouldn’t like to do it, and therefore I wouldn’t do it. If you do it, you need to be consistent in my opinion.”