Williams Paddy Lowe: “It’s one of the most challenging races for drivers and cars”

by Rachel Hack

Williams Martini Racing Technical Director Paddy Lowe is hoping the team can continue their strong performance last time out in Monza, and pick up a good result at the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit is notoriously tough on both the drivers and the cars, and Lowe counts it as one of the most challenging races on the Formula 1 calendar.

With plenty of incidents and action expected due to the difficult conditions, the Brit is hoping Williams drivers Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll can take advantage of any opportunity that comes their way, to advance their way up the order in Sunday’s race.

“The Marina Bay street circuit itself requires high downforce and good mechanical grip. It is hard on brakes and with a lot of kerbs it is very tough on the cars.

“With a very slow characteristic speed, but still the full 300km race distance (unlike Monaco), we very often see the race reaching the two hour limit.

“The heat and humidity are intense even without the sun. Putting this together is one of the most challenging races for the drivers and the cars, hence we see many incidents as cars break and drivers become fatigued.

“All this makes for an exciting and dramatic spectacle!

With Lowe now having been with Williams since March, the team are hoping his experience can guide them to a stronger second half of the season.

“From Williams’ perspective, we look forward to continuing the good momentum we had in Monza into the final seven flyaway races of the season starting here.”

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