Vettel Aggressive Outbursts Caused by Adrenalin Spikes, says Ricciardo

by Paul Hensby

Daniel Ricciardo feels that adrenalin is the main cause of Sebastian Vettel’s aggressive outbursts, but once he has calmed down, his approach is much more sensible and calm.

The Australian spent a year as Vettel’s team-mate at Red Bull Racing and beat the German in the championship standings that season before he moved on to Scuderia Ferrari, and in that time, whenever Ricciardo found himself ahead at the chequered flag, emotions would initially get the better of Vettel before he would calm down and acknowledge the defeat.

Ricciardo points to last years Mexican Grand Prix as one of those moments where Vettel’s adrenalin took over, with the German launching an x-rated tirade against both Red Bull drivers and FIA’s Charlie Whiting, while another flashpoint came during this year’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Vettel was heavily criticised and handed a ten-second stop and go penalty for swerving into the side of Lewis Hamilton’s car behind the safety car after he felt the Briton had brake-tested him, but Ricciardo believes that once the red mist has departed, Vettel is a very calm individual.

“I did spend a year with him but it was only a year and a year goes quick,” said Ricciardo on “From what I see with him, in that instant, that spur of the moment, he can get quite reactive or emotional. But once that spike of adrenalin or whatever comes back down he then has a pretty good approach to things.

“A bit like Mexico last year with the radio, I am sure he was pretty vocal at first but then it was like alright, maybe I will reassess what just happened. Fairly emotional but the emotion comes from the passion. He is one of the most passionate guys on the grid.

“I know he lives F1 probably more than most of us in a way and I think that is where it comes from.

“Any time I beat him in 2014 I am sure he was pissed when we crossed the finish line, but once we got back to the engineers he always shook my hand and congratulated me.

“So once the adrenalin calms down he has got pretty solid approach. Once that moment is gone he is pretty educated, probably more than me.”

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