Current Manufacturers not ‘particularly impressed’ by 2021 Engine Proposals – Wolff

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

The current engine suppliers were not impressed by Formula 1’s bosses proposals for the 2021 engine regulations, with Toto Wolff feeling that they would need to develop a completely new power unit, which would go against the need to lower costs.

The presentation in Paris on Tuesday was attended by representatives from all four of the current engine suppliers in Formula 1 – Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda – as well as other manufacturers who are interested on joining the grid, including Aston Martin.

However Wolff, the Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport, said the plans were flawed, and something needs to be done to address the huge costs that surround the engines in the sport, which wouldn’t happen with an enforced overhaul.

“This is their vision and proposal and we haven’t accepted it,” said Wolff to the BBC. “The flaw of the concept is that it’s a completely new engine and new investment.

“It portrays it in a way of this is how we’re going forward and none of the current OEMs (car manufacturers) was particularly impressed.

“The new concept needs to tackle the deficit that has been outlined – development costs and noise level – and all that needs to be linked with a global view of F1. We haven’t seen any of that.”