Horner Remains Critical of 2018 Three-Engine Limit Ruling

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Christian Horner remains adamant that the decision to reduce the power unit allowance to just three in 2018 is crazy, and he feels five would be a better number.

The Team Principal of Red Bull Racing has long been outspoken about the decision by the FIA to limit cars to just three engines from next season, particularly as his team has run six separate power units with both Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen in 2017.

Horner remains insistent that drivers be allowed to race without the threat of grid penalties, which he feels could become even more frequent with just the three engines allowed.

“For me it’s absolutely barking mad,” said Horner to Channel 4. “We’ve only just got through this year on six engines, I think.

“To go to three next year for more races is nutty, to be honest. You’re still burning these engines up on the dyno, but the reality is it doesn’t save any money.

“These grid penalties, I don’t think anybody particularly likes seeing them to the extent that there happening at the moment. If you came to the last race and it was decided on engine penalties that wouldn’t be great.

“We want to see the guys out on the track, obviously not throw caution to the wind with costs, but for me five engines for a 21 race championship would be a more sensible and logical number.”