Hugo Boss switch from F1 to Formula E

by Scott Douglas

Hugo Boss will end a near forty year run of sponsorship in Formula 1 in favour of a switch to Formula E.

The German company started their association with Formula 1 in the 1970s by sponsoring Jochen Mass, before starting a 30 year relationship with McLaren.

Since 2015 their logos have featured on the Mercedes, but this season will be their last in F1.

With a host of major manufacturers, including Mercedes, entering Formula E in the next two years Hugo Boss felt that the all-electric series was a better platform for their brand.

They specifically mentioned the sustainability element and racing in the heart of major cities, as elements that attracted them to make the switch.

Speaking to Focus magazine, their Chief Executive Mark Langer said, “Of course Formula 1 is the top class of motor racing, but Formula E is more innovative and sustainable.

“The engines, the races in major cities, that’s something a younger audience likes, which offers new opportunities.”

“Langer was keen to point out that the decision had not been prompted because Formula E was a cheaper option than F1.

“After many years in Formula 1, ever since Jochen Mass in the 1970’s, we have been thinking what is the next thing?”

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