Aston Martin would be bucking the trend to enter F1 – Professor Mark Jenkins

by Rachel Hack

Dr. Mark Jenkins is Professor of Business Strategy at Cranfield School of Management, and author of a number of books on strategic management issues, including Performance at the Limit: Business Lessons from Formula 1 Motor Racing, Advanced Strategic Management and The Customer Centred Strategy.

If you are not aware of the name from his books, you may know or have heard Professor Jenkins from one of his numerous appearances in the media, on radio programme’s and stations such as Today, BBC Radio 4; BBC Radio ScotlandBBC World Service NewsThe World Tonight and BBC Radio 5 Live. Alternatively, perhaps it was on TV, on the likes of Channel 4 News; BBC News 24; BBC Look East, as well as German TV, where he was most likely discussing developments in Formula 1 and Britain’s motorsport valley.

He certainly knows his stuff when it comes to Formula 1 and the Professor was intrigued by the rumours that iconic car manufacturer Aston Martin could make a move into Formula 1 as an engine supplier.

The move would see them break from the current game plan of other luxury car brands, who are looking to a greener future with the FIA Formula E Championship, and Jenkins believes it is an interesting strategy.

“The possibility that Aston Martin could enter F1 as a power unit supplier is an intriguing one.

“It bucks the trend with many luxury car makers such as Jaguar and BMW choosing to focus on the electric Formula E single seat series.

“The UK’s motorsport valley has a strong tradition of producing power units for F1 with the Cosworth DFV engine powering world championships for Lotus, Tyrrell, McLaren and Williams.

“Discussions have already begun to shape the F1 regulations for the 2021 season and Aston Martin appear to be taking a positive role that could lead to the historic brand powering F1 teams such as Milton Keynes’ Red Bull Racing.”

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