Brawn Names Three Manufacturers He’d Like to See in Formula 1

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Formula 1’s director of motorsport Ross Brawn has named three manufacturers that he’d like to see involved in the championship.

Currently Ferrari, Renault, Mercedes and Honda are the only engine manufacturers in the championship. Honda is the last to join F1 when in 2015 they started supplying engines to McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team.

But Brawn would like to see other “premium” manufacturers join the championship.

“There are several premium manufacturers that I would like in Formula 1,” Brawn revealed last week in an interview with Sports Bild, as reported by F1i. “Porsche is one of them, but also Aston Martin and Lamborghini.”

Aston Martin has recently partnered with Red Bull Racing to become the teams’ title sponsor, with Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer saying that the company could enter F1 depending on the circumstances.

Brawn knows this is the case for any potential new manufacturer like Aston Martin or Porsche who have their eyes on F1.

“I guarantee you, with today’s power unit, no manufacturer is interested in getting started,” Brawn said. “That’s why we have to make it cheaper and easier.

“That’s why we need to create an environment that’s attractive to them.”

  • Salvu Borg

    Andy Palmer just had a sudden rush of blood to the head as soon as his AM broke even after donkey years and started dreaming of producing a F1 engine.

  • maserati123


  • zke007

    Why not Ford or GM ?
    Guess they know better.

  • Matti

    Hah, premium. They’ll never lose their rich-kids-spending-daddy’s-money-to-get-seats with that approach. It’ll justgo back to being Bernie’s pompous elitist F1 all over again. What you need is a Ford or a Toyota back in the sport. A brand that the everyday young person of the street can aspire to own. At the moment, only Honda (and possibly Renault, to some extent) fit that bill.