Still a Chance of Williams Seat in 2018 for Robert Kubica, says Father

Credit: Zak Mauger/LAT Images

The father of Robert Kubica believes his son is still a credible option to join Lance Stroll in the Williams Martini Racing line-up in 2018 despite rumours that Sergey Sirotkin has jumped into pole position ahead of the pole for the ride.

Arthur Kubica says there remains a possibility for his son to make a return to Formula 1, and talks remain ongoing with the team, and he hopes that these talks come out in their favour.

“We’re still fighting to get Robert into Williams,” said the elder Kubica to Polish publication Sportowe Fakty. “We hope that it is a good decision for us.

“And if it is not made before Christmas, it means that at least the people at Williams are taking time to think. We are taking steps to convince them to believe in Robert.”

With Sirotkin linked with SMP Racing and a potential £15million investment in the team, the elder Kubica admits that talent might not be enough for his son to race for Williams in 2018.

“Of course it is about what the driver will bring to the team,” he added. “Sometimes, skills, experience and the potential of the driver are decisive, at others only the money counts.”