Citroën Racing Team announce Pierre Budar as sucessor to Matton

Credit: Groupe PSA

With the announcement that Yves Matton would be leaving the Citroën Racing Team to become FIA Rally Director, the French manufacturer was left with a decision to make on who should succeed the Belgian.

Pierre Budar was expected to take on the role having recently looked after the customer racing side of the rally programme, this appointment was confirmed this week by Citroën.

“I am proud that the FIA nominates Yves Matton to this prestigious position and would like to thank him for his contribution. I am pleased to give Pierre Budar the opportunity to express all his energy and enthusiasm in the service of our passion: motorsport” said Jean Marc Finot, Senior Vice President of PSA Motorsport.

Budar became involved with Groupe PSA in 1989, when he joined as an engineer before becoming an official 309 Group N driver for the Peugeot Talbot Sport Team in 1991.

After this he continued to pursue his engineering career, and in 2010 created the department of sports road cars, giving birth to DS3 Racing, 208 GTi 30th, 308 GTi, and DS3 Performance.

In 2016 his scope expanded to look after Customer Competition, assisting with the development of, and establishing the 308 TCR and the C3R5.

“Groupe PSA has given me a unique opportunity to reconcile my passion for motorsport with an engineering career.” said Budar.

“I never imagined one day running one of the most prestigious competition teams in the world.

“I measure the challenge that is proposed to me at the head of an extraordinary team and I will strive to obtain the best of its talents”