FIA To Make Superlicence Changes

by Craig Edwards

The handing out of Formula 1 superlicences are to be changed for the 2018 season after the FIA made the decision to make it tougher for drivers to take part in Friday practice sessions.

In 2017, drivers were granted a superlicence if they had completed 300km (186 miles) in a “representative Formula 1 car” over two days to be able to participate in practice sessions.

While they also had to show they had an understanding of sporting regulations, the drivers only required their team to have shown they had briefed them.

The change for 2018 means a driver will be required to have completed six races in the Formula 2 Championship, or accumulated 25 superlicence points in other championships during the past three years to gain a practice superlicence.

For further reapplication, drivers will need to have completed a full season in Formula 2 or collected 25 superlicence points.

Only Alfonso Celis Jr would not have been granted a superlicence from the drivers that took part in a practice session in 2017 although Sean Galael did not have the required points, but had the experience in Formula 2.

The changes follow further structure changed to the superlicence in September as the FIA continue to make more of an effort to the awarding of superlicences after Max Verstappen was given one at the age of 17 to begin his Formula 1 career.

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