Nobody Wants 2021 Revolution of Engine Regulations – Abiteboul

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Cyril Abiteboul continues to push for the current Formula 1 engine to remain the basis of the 2021 design, despite others wanting a complete overhaul of the power unit when the current planned cycle concludes.

The Team Principal of the Renault Sport Formula 1 Team says that discussions are still ongoing about the planned 2021 engine regulations, with the initial plans revealed by the FIA at the end of October that would see the removal of the much-maligned MGU-H whilst improving the sound and running speed.

Whilst others in the Formula 1 paddock would rather see the FIA introduce a completely new design of power unit, Abiteboul believes that the current one will suffice as a base unit, and it would be good for a evolution rather than a revolution in power unit regulations.

“No, there’s nothing new. The discussions continue and opinions still diverge,” said Abiteboul to French publication Auto Hebdo. “We need to improve the current engine which has a few things wrong with it. More noise, and more performance.

“Let’s not limit its potential with fuel consumption, component mileage and engine penalties. But above all, let’s keep the current engine as a basis for the future. There’s no need for a 2021 revolution, and nobody wants it.”