Todt Brings Back Idea of ‘Global Engine’ Amid Rising Costs in F1

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

FIA president Jean Todt has brought back an idea from the late 2000’s about a possible introduction of a ‘global engine’, an engine that could be utilised in a number of championships around the globe, including Formula 1.

The previous idea was not taken on due to cost concerns and fears that some of the categories the engine would be aimed at were impractical, but with rising costs of the current hybrid power units in Formula 1, Todt has once again raised the idea of a generic engine that could be used in the premiere category of single seater racing and in other championships.

“Probably what we should say, which is not easy as well, is could we use this [F1] engine in other categories of motorsport?” said Todt.

“At the moment each category of motorsport has its own single regulations, so probably we should try to see if we can have some synergies.”

Todt points to the LMP1 class in the FIA World Endurance Championship as another potential destination for the global engine, particularly as Formula 1 is striving to develop engines designed to last longer, although the idea has yet to be pitched to the LMP1 teams.

“We have the endurance championship with LMP1,” said Todt. “We have completely different engines, so would it make sense to anticipate a future for the endurance championship using this synergy – which incidentally is covering the same kind of mileage.”