Ford Could Return to Formula 1 if Budget Cap Introduced – Rushbrook

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Ford Motorsport boss Mark Rushbrook has not ruled out the possibility of the manufacturer returning to Formula 1 in the future, but admits the costs at the present time within the sport are too high for it to happen.

Rushbrook admits that the current hybrid regulations within the sport are also relevant to Ford, but it would take a lot of motivation and a big reduction in the development of power units within Formula 1 for the American car marker to return.

Ford’s last venture into Formula 1 ended back in 2004 when they sold Jaguar Racing to Red Bull Racing, but financed the legendary Cosworth DFV engine that took the Formula 1 world by storm in 1967, so the return of Ford to Formula 1 would be well received should it become a reality.

“Hybrid power will be relevant for a long time for Ford,” said Rushbrook to Autocar. “So I’d never say never to Formula 1, especially if it introduces budgets.”

Rushbrook insists a proper cap on spending in Formula 1 would be needed for them to return, particularly in the current climate where a manufacturer spends significant amounts of money in various areas of the car to gain performance.

“Cost reduction in F1 is all relative,” added Rushbrook. “If you cap in one area, [manufacturers] will spend in another.”

The FIA and Liberty Media have been looking at getting other manufacturers to join the Formula 1 grid to join Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Renault Sport and Honda, so Ford admitting they could return, although with a provision, will be music to their ears.