Formula 1 Return to South Africa ‘Not Financially Feasible’ for Kyalami

by Paul Hensby
Alain Prost won the last South African Grand Prix in 1993

The Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit would welcome Formula 1 back to the track with open arms, but it would not be practical on a financial level, according to circuit spokesperson Christo Kruger.

Kyalami last played host to the South African Grand Prix back in 1993, with Alain Prost securing his first victory with the Williams F1 Team on the way to the title, but the track has undergone significant changes since, and only holds a grade two licence from the FIA, which means it would not be allowed to host a race without more changes.

This would not be a problem for the track, but the biggest issue according to Kruger, is that it is not financially feasible for Kyalami to host a race.

“Kyalami would welcome Formula 1 at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit again,” said Kruger to “We think there’s a heritage that we would like to see back again.

“I also think the African continent deserves an actual Formula 1 race again. But the prohibitive costs of hosting Formula 1 is really the bugbear. It’s just not financially feasible in the current structure to host Formula 1.

“Kyalami remains there as a facility and we are prepared to enter into negotiations and discussions to upgrade or to change the actual circuit to what is palatable for Formula 1 racing.

“It’s an FIA grade two track at the moment, we will upgrade to grade one but there needs to be commitment in terms of a long-term future for Formula 1 in South Africa. But we do not have the financial wherewithal to be the promoter for a Formula 1 race.”

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