Gene Haas Has No Reliability Concerns

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

Haas F1 Team chairman, Gene Haas has said he has no concerns about this team’s reliability ahead of the 2018 Formula One World Championship.

The new rule change sees the number of power units components allowed reduced from four to three.

Last season saw many drivers hit by large penalties in the second half of the season as they exceeded the limit

Haas drivers, Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, both stayed within the limit last season.

“I think it’s like anything else – the more seasons you have with an engine package, the more reliable it’s going to become.” Said Haas.

I have no doubts they can do the season with three engines. Plus there’s not going to be this tremendous need for upgrades because the engine horsepower has somewhat plateaued.

“They are getting about as much performance out of the current dimensional package as you can. I don’t think Mercedes or Renault is going to be that much farther ahead or behind Ferrari.”

Haas also praised his team’s engine supplier, Ferrari for their reliability in their two years in the sport, “I think from a reliability standpoint, the Ferraris are excellent.”