Knockhill round of TCR UK to feature reverse layout

Credit: TCR UK Series

The TCR UK Series will uniquely feature the reverse layout of the popular and rapid Knockhill Circuit, as the series perpares to become the first national championship to run the circuit in the opposite direction. The circuit was re-licenced in 2012 to utilise the anti-clockwise format of the circuit used frequently up until its old licence ceded at the end of the 1990s.

The layout has largely been used for track days and some Scottish club events, although it had been under consideration for the British Superbike Championship’s 40th anniversary in 2014 until the regular layout was settled upon.

We are delighted to see TCR UK use our reverse direction circuit layout,” said Stuart Grey, events director at the Scottish circuit. “Knockhill re-licenced the anti-clockwise direction format in 2012 and since then the local SLS and bike racing championships have been using this format and has proved to be a real hit for all the racers.

It’s Scotland’s second race track, albeit at Knockhill, with a different layout, different challenges and often provides different winners. It will truly provide spectacular racing on a track that almost every racer will not have been on before.

The event at Knockhill will undoubtedly draw interest from fans and drivers alike who, although massively familiar with the popular Northern venue, will be unlikely to have witnessed high-level competition on the infrequently used substitute circuit.

I have a personal affinity with Knockhill from my time at the Motor Sports Association and so I’m particularly pleased to be using the reversed layout of the circuit for TCR UK,” said Jonathan Ashman, the TCR UK promoter.

“We think our drivers and teams will look forward to the challenge of the weekend, as even those drivers who’ve raced there regularly almost certainly won’t have used the anticlockwise circuit.”

I’m grateful to the team at Knockhill for their support and enthusiasm for what we know will give competitors and fans plenty to talk about when we head to Scotland.

2 entries have been announced in full for the inaugural season with Scot Finlay Crocker at VFR Racing in the newest Honda Civic model whilst Lewis Kent will drive a Hyundai i30 N under the Essex Bodies banner.

Several further teams are still actively working to be on the grid for the UK’s official TCR debut, including top UK tin-top teams Motorbase Performance and Team Pyro with the latter undergoing testing in Barcelona this week.